Your Problem

Data trapped: Your data resides in multiple databases that you cannot access

Data overload: You collect large amounts of data every day, and most of it is not useable and it
keeps on piling up

Data interpretation: You do not understand most of this collected data as to finding any trends,
correlations, clusters and patterns

Time and resources: You don’t have the internal resources capable of sifting through your large
amounts of raw data to deliver you insights in a timely and cost effective manner

Security: Your current large amounts of data are not backed-up and risks being lost and vulnerable to outside security breaches

Your Solution

Our IQInSights system sits on the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence platform and on IBM Watson super computer. IQInSights then creates advanced statistical models based on your data.

The end results are that you gain valuable insights and data intelligence that is very user-friendly to understand and allow you to make quick and more accurate decisions for your business and organization.

Your Results

  • Discover trends
  • Discover clusters
  • Discover root causes
  • Discover correlations
  • Discover exceptions
  • Discover optimizations

…and much more

The Process

Discover relevant data and connect to data sources

Preview and combine with other datasets to know its potential

Transform and enrich the data to prepare it for analysis

Derive powerful insights by questioning data in different form

Share insights across enterprise through dashboards

Imagine if we can find your 5% of key insights.

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