Our Company

At IQdigitec our software engineers and programmers become an extension of your team and a dedicated software and technology partner. Our highly skilled software engineers are proficient in the latest and older programming languages to address all of your business needs.

What also sets us apart is our expertise in Data Analytics and Data Science. Along with our in-house Data Scientists, Mathematicians, Statisticians and Software Engineers, we support your projects by the world-renowned IBM Watson Cognitive and Predicative Analytics platform and by the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence platform. By using our Advanced Statistical Algorithm system, IQInSights, the true power of your application just begins. You will then have deep insights and business intelligence into your organizations that you never even knew was
possible before.

IQdigitec’s highly skilled and experienced software developers will address all of your simple and very complex business and organizations technology needs. Our IQAppDev (Application Development), was created based on the Agile Software Development project management approach. Agile is a project management methodology that uses short development cycles called sprints to focus on continuous improvement in the development of your products and services. Some of the advantages that you will receive by using our Agile IQAppDev approach are:

  • Agile allows us to deploy your projects more rapidly.
  • It provides you with faster turnaround times.
  • It allows us to quickly detect your issues and defects.
  • We create a lighter weight framework for your developed systems.
  • Your projects will be optimally controlled.
  • There will be an increased focus on your specific needs.
  • You will have continuous and frequent collaboration and feedback on your project.

Our newly developed IQFoodChain is a powerful and highly secure food traceability and tracking system that is built on our own Blockchain ledger. The complete data of that particular food will be captured, stored and placed in our highly secure ledger, IQFoodChain system. This provides you with very secure transparent insights right from the start of your food origin, to the handling, processing, transportation, distribution, retailing and eventual consumer purchasing and consumption stages.

Our Team & Expertise

At IQdigitec, our backgrounds are business and technically based. Our highly skilled team are focused on delivering to you highly efficient low-code applications. We believe that the days of thousands and thousands of lines of programming code are behind us now, hence we delivery beautiful streamlined, very efficient enterprise software platforms that are more user-friendly, smaller foot-print, engineered properly and more affordable to you.


Our principles and project philosophies

At IQdigitec, our projects are continuously reviewed and refined. We use globally accepted principles, practices and tools to help increase the trust and the value with your information and technology systems.

We incorporate ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), practices that align with your business and organizations’ needs. By doing this, we are constantly measuring improvements throughout your projects.

Organizational Culture

Leaders in guiding customers through a complex digital world

IQdigitec is committed to helping our customers be more competitive by capturing their raw data for transformation into business intelligence.

Strive for excellence

Our commitment to you

IQdigitec helps all kinds of customers transform their organizations through digital experiences. By listening very closely to your needs, by working with you side-by-side every step of the way and by becoming a truly trusted and valued partner, our commitment to you will ensure your highest satisfaction.